UPDATE: New version of Lookup Load & Load Screen launching in TM3

This weekend, Development plans to roll out the migrated version of lookup load and load screen.  You may notice that these pages will have a slightly newer design. Below is a list of some of the changes that you may encounter.

Look-up Load

  • Autocomplete Driver Field: In enhanced dispatch mode users currently have the ability to add a driver to a leg from the report.  Instead of a pop-up, this field will now be an autocomplete field.
  • Table Search: The page will now include a second search field that will allow users to filter displayed results.

Load Screen

  • Floating Command Bar:The bottom of the load page will feature a floating bar that will allow the user to easily access common commands.
  • Autocomplete Fields: The pop-ups for customer, locations and driver fields will be replaced with the new autocomplete field.
  • Removed Pagination: All results will now display on the page

If you or another user experience issues with these pages, please contact support@tcservices.biz.  Include as much detail as possible in the correspondence (carrier, branch, page, and screenshots of the issue).  Our team will address the issues as soon as possible.