Safety Update - Truck Age, Hazmat, Insects and more.

  1. Effective October 1 2019 US 1 Network of companies will no longer lease on any trucks older than model year 2000… there will be no exceptions. Current trucks older trucks leased to US 1 Network will not be effected. We are implementing a 20 year age restriction on the age of tractors we will accept for lease moving forward.
  2. Any driver who has a Hazardous Material endorsement on their CDL will be required to pass the Hazardous Materials Training whether the current agent they drive for runs Hazardous Materials or not. Training is good for a 3 year period and then must be retaken. These dates are being added to the expiring credential report.
  3. Effective October 1 2019 US 1 Network will start allowing authorized passengers in all of its companies. We are currently finalizing the rules and setting up the insurance paperwork to allow this to happen. It will become available prior to October 1. Just a reminder this is a privilege not a right and may be taken away from any driver who has an inferior safety record.
  4. Items that cannot be hauled by US 1 Network Companies.Live bees or any other live insect, animal, vermin, rodents, birds, poultry, fish, or marine life are not covered under our cargo policy. Please refrain from taking any loads consisting of these items.

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