Tm3 - December 8, 2018

Tm3 Release Notes - December 8, 2018

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NTCI API - Additional Fields

The US 1 Logistics Group has partnered with National Transportation Consultants, which provides a comprehensive Fleet Safety Services Program. NTCI will manage the driver, trailer and truck onboarding and compliance for the US 1 Logistics Group. Tm3 will receive driver data from NTCI and will update the appropriate fields in the vendor, driver, truck, and trailer maintenance pages. Development work was completed earlier this year to connect Tm3 to NTCI’s API. Since the initial development, additional fields have been added to the API. Development to add integration with the additional fields has been completed.

Broker Insurance Limits

The following fields have been added to the “driver” page for brokers (edit_driver.jsp):
  • Cargo insurance limit
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Limits
  • Each Occurrence
  • Damage to Rented Premises (Each Occurrence) Med Exp (Any one person)
  • Personal & ADV Injury
  • General Aggregate
  • Products - Comp/Op AGG

Accident Reporting - Canadian Locations

Users now have the ability to select Canadian provinces when registering an accident in Tm3 (register_accident.jsp).

Load Finder- Search by Memo Charge Reference Number

Users now have the ability to search by the memo charge reference number in Load Finder.

Bug Fixes

  1. Email Load Issues Resolved - It’s back! Users will now receive a copy of the load email sent via the load screen.
  2. Customer Sales Report - Previously when users would attempt to pull a detailed customer sales report from the summary report, the link would not save the customer code and time frame entered. This issue has been resolved.
  3. Safety Documents- Show History - Tm3 temporarily experienced an issue where users were not able to safety documents when “show history” was enabled. A patch fix was released on 11/28/2018.
  4. Driver Portal - Time Zone Issue - In Tm3 users were previously receiving an error when Open and Close Dates were approved by users outside the central time zone. Users can now accept open and close dates from all time zones.
  5. A/R Aging - Users can now pull an A/R aging from the customer maintenance page. The report will use the customer code from the customer maintenance page.
  6. Multiple Carrier Customer Sales Report- This report will now pull results if multiple carriers are selected.
  7. Deleting Invoices - The bug that was preventing the load from being un-invoiced when the invoice was deleted has been fixed.
  8. Live Settlement Report - Previously when driver pay was assigned to a load's shipment charges, the live settlement report would display the gross amount billed to the customer instead of the driver pay in the Total Pay column. The live settlement report will now display the driver pay.