Spotted Lantern Fly Training

For any driver who travels in or through PA,WV or NJ

Heavy fines for non-compliance

Since we consist as an Owner Operator fleet based in many portions of the country it is up to you as the agent and your driver to take the required training. Any fines levied on a truck driven with a US 1 Network company placard will be the responsibility of the driver and owner of that truck. Fines can be as high as $20,000.

This is currently for any driver who loads, unloads, passes through PA, NJ and WV but could expand if more infestations are found in other areas.

The training is available at this website:

It is free to all and you will be issued a certificate and a sticker for your truck will be mailed to you directly. If a fleet owner hires a new driver, the new driver is responsible to also do the testing. You don’t want a sticker on a truck and the driver not be certified.

If you want to read more about this please look at this article:

Sorry for the late notice, I was led to believe this was not to start until June 1 but it actually starts on May 1.


Jeff Bowron