Scanner Install and Troubleshooting

*If using Mac/OS X you will not be able to scan directly into Truckman3. You will need to upload after scanning manually.
** As of 10/09/2019 Canon scanning software will not work on the the most recent Mac OS Catalina. Canon's software currently runs on 32bit and Mac OS Catalina runs 64bit only. Estimated software update is 3-5 weeks out as of now. 



  • After installing the scanning plugin you will need to refresh your web browser (sometimes this may need to be done twice)
  • If your scanner isn't working after you install the driver and connect and power on the scanner you can first try to power cycle the scanner by unplugging the power cable and then plugging it back in. If this does not work a PC restart will be need.
  • Canon scanner settings are setup within the Capture On Touch Software and carry over to Truckman.
  • In the Canon scanner settings the Simplex setting will allow only the front side of documents to be scanned – duplex will scan both sides of the documents.
  • Setting the scanner to Black and White in the COT settings is highly recommend and will speed up you Truckman scanning times greatly.
  • If text is difficult to read on scans you can try adjusting the scanner setting from Black and White to the Text Enhancement setting in COT.